Cybex golf performance program with Greg Norman debuts. A focused fitness approach to game improvement for golfers and clubs | Фитнес Эксперт | Fitness Expert (отраслевая бизнес-площадка)

Cybex golf performance program with Greg Norman debuts. A focused fitness approach to game improvement for golfers and clubs

27.09.2011 cybex, golf, фитнес-программа для гольфа

Cybex International has launched the Cybex Golf Performance Program targeted to enhance the specific physical attributes that lead to a smooth, efficient and powerful golf swing. Developed by the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science, the program is the industry’s first complete fitness regimen dedicated to helping golfers improve the muscles that will improve their game.

To develop the Cybex Golf Performance Program, “we conducted exhaustive research on more than 500 golfers of differing abilities,” noted Paul M. Juris, Ed.D. Executive Director of the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science. “We examined strength, flexibility, alignment, balance, and swing characteristics, and identified four physical prerequisites that are absolutely essential to any successful golf swing, regardless of the player’s abilities.”

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Cybex Bravo functional trainer, th

e Cybex Golf Performance Program addresses the four critical physical requirements for swing development—rotation, dynamic posture, balance and weight transfer. Each of these four individual four-week routines can be accomplished in less than twenty minutes a day on the Cybex Bravo.

“A lot of golfers ask me how I’ve been able to play the game for so long at such a high level. My answer, fitness,” stated Tour pro and Cybex Golf spokesperson Greg Norman. “There is no question in my mind that fitness has always been an important part of my golf game, my career but most importantly the quality of my life.”

A self-contained program, Cybex Golf Performance complements the Cybex Sweet Spot, the all-in-one Cybex golf fitness center. The Cybex Sweet Spot includes a recommended fitness center layout, equipment selection, exercise regimens, and communications strategies to engage and motivate members.

"We have a dynamic and quite demanding membership that only expects the best.” said Tenniel Chu, ViceChairman of Mission Hills Golf Club China. “As the most prestigious and largest golf resort in the world with 12 signature golf courses, it was imperative we find not only a leading brand of high-quality fitness equipment with proven results, but a business partner offering a variety of fitness solutions that helps us continue to align with our business goals. We selected Cybex International, they have not only met our requirements but also exceeded both our senior team’s and our members’ expectations. Fitness is a key amenity for our members and guests alike. We are delighted to offer them a brand they respect."

Golf and fitness are becoming increasingly intertwined. In fact, golfers everywhere are taking their cues from the world's best players; and currently, roughly 85 percent of Tour pros are dedicated to a daily workout regimen. According to a recent McMahon Club Survey, at private clubs that have fitness facilities of some kind, usage has increased 75 percent during the past three years, even as rounds played have declined.