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27.09.2011 cybex, golf, фитнес-программа для гольфа

Cybex golf performance program with Greg Norman debuts. A focused fitness approach to game improvement for golfers and clubs

Cybex International has launched the Cybex Golf Performance Program targeted to enhance the specific physical attributes that lead to a smooth, efficient and powerful golf swing. Developed by the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science, the program is the industry’s first complete fitness regimen dedicated to helping golfers improve the muscles that will improve their game.

To develop the Cybex Golf Performance Program, “we conducted exhaustive research on more than 500 golfers of differing abilities,” noted Paul M. Juris, Ed.D. Executive Director of the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science. “We examined strength, flexibility, alignment, balance, and swing characteristics, and identified four physical prerequisites that are absolutely essential to any successful golf swing, regardless of the player’s abilities.”

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Cybex Bravo functional trainer, th